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AIS's Management Team has over 55 years combined experience in business, management, training, and all Intelligence Disciplines.

.AIS Company History

AIS was formed in January 2011 as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) to provide support to the Intelligence Community through the experience of our management staff.

Advanced Intelligence Solutions (AIS) is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) consulting and training firm, focused on serving the comprehensive needs of the US Government Intelligence Community. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a unique approach to most consulting projects and Intelligence training, AIS  offers quality service.  Our team has unique skills and abilities to support the customer.  One of our officers has 45 years of intelligence experience which includes operational activity, training and mentoring.  Another officer of the company has 11 years’ experience;  4 years’  in establishing a training center and in overseeing intelligence training and curriculum development, handling business functions, marketing and pricing intelligence support and training and an additional 7 years’  in program management with an international company.

AIS offers a list of intelligence support, augmentation and training for the Intelligence Community to choose from, depending on their particular requirements.  AIS’s focus will be on capturing the WOSB set asides currently being offered by the Government.  We hope to capitalizing on these set asides to actively grow our business.  AIS is also targeting large companies that have a Government requirement to subcontract work to small businesses. 

AIS was established as a Virginia Corporation in 2011, with one principal owner, and one Vice President.   Jane Flowers is the owner and founder of AIS and has extensive experience in business practices and managing personnel in the Intelligence Community arena.  Gerald York is a retired US Army Colonel with 31 years active service as an Intelligence Officer and over 14 years’ experience in conducting Intelligence training and support.  Both team members are Directors on the National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) Board and have extensive contacts and connections in the Intelligence Community.  Both are well respected and sought after as team members on larger contracts and for assistance with developing strategies for working in these areas.

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