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    *Immediate Openings- Personnel with DOMEX Experience in the Northern Virginia area

1.  DOMEX Planner
2.  Operations Integration
3.  Tradecraft Support
4.  Collection Requirements
5.  Reporting
6.  Media Management

Job descriptions are below:

DOMEX Planner
· Facilitate DOMEX support to the Combatant Command prioritized plans and orders, as well as operational contingencies.
· Assist the Government in briefing senior leadership from the IC, LEC, HS, or DoD
and other communities on DOMEX doctrine, contingency planning, and training.
· Identify areas where DIA can better support current or future customers and potential requirements for DOMEX support.
(U) Government Recommended Minimum Skills/Experience:
· Ten years experience in the IC, LEC, HS, or DoD.
· Graduate of a DoD or IC planning course.
· Five years experience as a Plans Officer.
Experience in producing and coordinating strategic, operational, and tactical military doctrine.
· Experience in joint planning and in supporting or coordinating deployments.
· Experience with campaign planning, contingency plans.

Operations Integration
· Manage and brief distinguished visitors with proper protocol.
· Conduct timely research to identify relevant information and apply the information in the proper context to drive discussions and deliberate engagements with customers.
· Coordinate with customers on the efficient and timely delivery of media to NMEC
· Provide input to IC unified intelligence strategies and collection strategies.
· Support and participate in joint exercises at the request of the Government.
· Coordinate with on and off site LNO’s to ensure media is shared with the center and results are disseminated to all interested parties.

Recommended Minimum Skills/Experience:
· Five years experience in the IC, LEC, HS, or DoD.
· Ability to plan and manage events.
· Knowledge of DOMEX tool sets and DOMEX process.
· Familiarity with the DIA organization, its mission, functions and activities; and a general knowledge of DoD Combatant and Functional Commands.
· Experience or background working with representatives from multiple agencies in the IC.
· Support the development of a wide range of DOMEX training modules to satisfy professionalization of the NMEC and National DOMEX program.
· Prepare and provide physical or virtual courses to educate multiple training audiences within the National DOMEX program.
· Support a Fundamentals of DOMEX course at least once a month and provide updates to the course materials as required.

Recommended Minimum Skills/Experience:
· Five years experience in the IC, LEC, HS, or DoD.
· Certified computer forensics examiner or three years operational experience conducting DOMEX for DoD or law enforcement.
· Experience in DOMEX processes, Sensitive Site Exploitation, the National and Operational DOMEX communities, and DOMEX IT processes.
· Experience with classroom and field training and instruction.
· Knowledge of IC requirements tasking procedures, to include familiarity with DoD collection management systems and procedures.

 Collection Requirements:
The Collection Requirements support task provides support for DOMEX operations at NMEC. This support includes, but is not limited to the following objectives:
· Assistance with DOMEX requirements and requests levied against NMEC and participate in community boards to prioritize requirements for the just application of resources and
· Assistance with preparing NMEC input to IC unified intelligence strategies, collection strategies, and collection directives.
Provide recommendations regarding upgrades to the DOMEX requirements management system.

Recommended Minimum Skills/Experience:
· One year additional experience in collection management or successful completion of 120 hours of IC or DoD Intelligence Collection Management training.
· Experience in managing DOMEX requirements.
· Experience using DoD or IC portals to input data and exchange information.
· Experience reviewing Official Message Traffic/Cables.
· Experience providing input to IC or Interdepartmental working groups/sessions or forums.
· Experience generating and presenting performance metrics and statistics-based reports to support decisions.
 Reporting Element
The NMEC Reporting Element (NRE) provides support for DOMEX operations at NMEC as one of the primary dissemination components for DOMEX derived data. This support includes, but is not limited to the following objectives:
· Collating information, analyzes and synthesizes that information, and transforms it into a coherent and timely Intelligence Information Report (IIR).
· Working closely with linguists and technical intelligence professionals to identify relevant information that responds to national intelligence gaps for inclusion in the reports.
· Sorting through large volumes of data, identify the most important items, and address or issue timely reports containing appropriate data fields.
· Capable of preparing an average minimum of two comprehensive IIRs per week.
· Provide quality control and guidance and direction to reports writers in NMEC Reporting Element (NRE).
· Support tasks levied to the NRE.
· Develop and codify business practices in Standard Operating Procedures.
· Work across the center and with analysts and mission partners to identify items of intelligence value that warrant reporting, and support research and writing tasks required to generate finished technical intelligence products based on the government’s
· Gather, maintain and report metrics.

Recommended Minimum Skills/Experience:
· Three years experience writing IIRs and at least one year experience using the HOT-R System.
· Experience using DOMEX derived data in reports.
· Proven ability to use various IC databases on various networks to research data to expound on information in written IIRs.
· Experience as an analyst supporting at least one of the intelligence disciplines
· Familiarity with DoD and IC IIR standards.
Experience with human intelligence reporting policies and procedures.
· Three years experience in an Intelligence Community or Department of Defense organization focused on reporting intelligence information or analysis.
· Comprehensive knowledge of an intelligence community focus area/topics
· Experience preparing IIRs in accordance with DHE-M 3301.001, and other related government/doctrinal documents.
· Experience incorporating DOMEX derived data into intelligence reports.
 Media Management
The NMEC Media Management support task provides support that ensures prompt, accurate, and complete media collections are received and uploaded for exploitation. The following are task description and required minimum skills/experience for personnel assigned to support the NMEC Media Management mission:
· Perform cataloging, provenance, integrity validation and tracking, and reporting functions associated with the process of digital media acquisition, ingestion, validation, and storage.
· Populate, maintain, and update a database/repository, with an ingest of data, to track all incoming physical and electronic media and pull in data-points from disparate sources to develop a more complete understanding of media provenance.
· Provide daily and weekly metrics on media acquisitions, ingestion times, resend requirements and other metrics as identified.
· Research, review, compile, and craft acquisition details surrounding batches of acquired media and drafting record message traffic for release to the larger community record system.
· Provide quality control over record message traffic submitting draft traffic for release by the government.
· Technical/forensic acquisition, ingestion, validation, and provenance for digital media devices and images.
· Maintain, update, and administer hardware and software associated with the technical acquisition processes as well as responsibility for providing process and tool improvement recommendations and requirements and all tasks required to properly populate a forensic database.
· Providing daily and weekly metrics on media acquisitions and ensures that the Senior Officials are apprised of important media acquisitions and exploitation efforts and make recommendations to improve media management and exploitation processes.
· Support the process of technical acquisition, ingestion, validation, and provenance for all digital media and shall provide quality control for the Media Management Specialist function.
· Support government personnel to establish and implement program goals and provide key performance metrics to establish a strategic baseline and seek out improvements to processes.
· Maintain awareness of emerging capabilities and technologies, and work with government staff to implement procedures to ensure continued mission
· Document and implement computer forensics services, to support evidence seizure, chain of custody and data recovery requirements.

 Recommended Minimum Skills/Experience:
· Two years of demonstrated experience and skills in computer forensics and DOMEX.
· Five years experience in DoD, Intelligence Community (IC), or Law Enforcement
· Experience working in data management/data entry.
· Working knowledge of SharePoint applications.
· Experience working with image scanning hardware and software.
· Industry standard forensic certifications (EnCE, ACE, CCE, or GIAC).

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